“If I lose my demons I’ll lose my angels as well.” — Rainer Maria Rilke

“I believe that telling our stories first to ourselves and then to one another and to the world is a revolutionary act.”—Janet Mock

“. . . for we are only alive to the degree that we can let ourselves be moved.” — Lewis Hyde

Higher Love presents conversations about spirit that have been excluded from public media. We reach out to those who are not conventionally religious, or who are suspicious of religious institutions and allergic to orthodoxy. We’re a bootleg ministry tuned to a holy frequency, conjuring everyday magic and keeping a sharp eye out for the undercover saints. We welcome all penitents, sorcerers, heretics, apostles, pariahs and mystics under one big tent. We’re an almshouse for the dispossessed and the excluded and we’re about consecrating the everyday.

Like Charon, that unkempt and fierce god of the underworld, we’re gonna ferry you across. We won’t leave you wandering in the underworld alone; we won’t sleep while you’re pacing in your Garden of Gethsemane. You’re gonna need somebody on your bond—let it be us.

Higher Love Provocateurs

August Tarrier, Creative Director/Host

Host August Tarrier

August Tarrier in Antlers