Higher Love: One Helluva House Church on the Radio, hosted by August Tarrier, presents conversations about spirit that have been excluded from public media.

We reach out to those who are not conventionally religious, or who are suspicious of religious institutions and allergic to orthodoxy. We’re a bootleg ministry tuned to a holy frequency, conjuring everyday magic and keeping a sharp eye out for the undercover saints. We welcome all penitents, sorcerers, heretics, apostles, pariahs and mystics under one big tent. We’re an almshouse for the dispossessed and the excluded and we’re about consecrating the everyday.

At Higher Love, we don’t profess any denomination. We’re not pew-sitters and we don’t follow any commandments or codicils. We’re on the lookout for that spark of divine and we believe that love trumps doctrine every time. We honor what is being made new through the work of spirit and gospel, and we look for any way to be a part of that. And we’re especially attuned to the prophets, the heretics, the doubters, and the mystics.

Host: August Tarrier

August Tarrier started recording Higher Love because she needed something to believe in. And because she believes that if you want to make room for both your angels and your demons, you need to make a community who will allow you all the room you need. Because she believes that telling stories to each other is a revolutionary act. And because she believes fiercely in the words of Che Guevara: “At the risk of seeming ridiculous, the true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love.”

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